Nick Lowe JESUS OF COOL Vinyl

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Contains 2 CD bonus tracks and a 16 page booklet.
Nick Lowe's first album threw down the gauntlet in grand form--a baker's dozen of "pure pop for now people" (which is, in fact, what a nervous Columbia Records retitled the album for its stateside release). Lowe was charting regularly in his English homeland, and though he didn't reach the same heights of chart success in America, several songs have become familiar late '70s/early '80s reference points, particularly "I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" and "So It Goes." At the time of this album's release Lowe was also the house producer for Stiff Records (Britain's first independent record company) and Elvis Costello, producing his first handful of albums, as well as touring regularly with Rockpile. This is an auspicious debut, made good upon thereafter by a continuingly engaging career.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 02/19/2008
  • Genre: Pop