Public Enemy Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black (Green Vinyl) [Explicit Content] (2 Lp's) Vinyl

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Public Enemy includes: Chuck D., Flavor Flav (rap vocals); Terminator X (scratches).
Anthrax: Joey Belladonna (vocals); Scott Ian, Dan Spitz (guitar); Frank Bello (bass); Charlie Banante (drums).
Additional personnel: Fred Wells (guitar); Allen Givens, Tyrone Jefferson, Lorenzo "Tony" Wyche (horns); Frank Able (keyboards); Al MacDowell (bass); Steve Moss, Ricky Gordon (percussion).
Recorded at the Music Palace, Long Island, New York.
APOCALYPSE '91-THE ENEMY STRIKES BLACK finds Strong Island's finest plying their raucous, angry trade once again, as unapologetic as ever. Their place in rap history was long secured by 1991, but the trio doesn't waste a second resting on its laurels--the album's opening salvo, "Lost At Birth" is militant and severe, introducing them as the "prophets of rage." Chuck D's no-nonsense delivery contrasts Flava Flav's manic rage, while turntable master Terminator X serves up an endless assault of hardcore sonic shrapnel.
"Nighttrain" is a staccato barrage, relentless and steeped in the blend of extreme racial pride and paranoia which put PE on the map. In "By the Time I Get To Arizona," they direct their vitriol at the state that rejected Martin Luther King's holiday. "1 Million Bottlebags" takes on beer manufacturers who target inner-city markets, exposing the self-destructive urge that fuels this practice. Thrash masters Anthrax climb aboard for an unlikely pairing, beefing up PE's classic "Bring the Noize."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 8/14/2015
  • Genre: Pop