Teenage Fanclub GRAND PRIX Vinyl

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Teenage Fanclub: Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley (vocals, guitar); Gerald Love (vocals, bass); Paul Quinn (drums).
Additional personnel: David Bianco (vocals, guitar, piano); Jules Singleton, Sonia Slany (violin); Jocelyn Pook (viola); Dinah Beamish (cello); Nigel Hitchcock (alto saxophone); Jamie Talbot (tenor saxophone); Chris White (baritone saxophone); Steve Sidwell (trumpet); Dave Barker, Chas Banks, Jim Parsons (handclaps).
Recorded at The Manor, Shipton-on-Cherwell, England between September 5 and October 9, 1994.
The adorable Fannies are in danger of becoming a 'much-loved institution' like the Kinks and XTC: great for warm-hearted feelings, but lousy for record sales. Grand Prix breaks the band's Byrdsian mould slightly, but there are enough jangly G chords to satisfy everyone. Virtually every song is a flawless gem, complete with the most precise harmonies; each rolls into the next with love and care, played, sung and produced with supreme clarity. With the fantastic boon of possessing three talented songwriters, TFC offer plenty of variety; in particular, Gerard Love's irresistible 'Sparky's Dream' achieves classic pop song status, and his 'Don't Look Back' is this accomplished album's highlight.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 02/16/2018
  • Genre: Pop