The Cramps Date with Elvis [Import] Vinyl

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The Cramps: Lux Interior (vocals); Poison Ivy (vocals, guitar, bass); Nick Knox (drums, bongos).
Additional personnel: Kit Maira (sound effects); The McMartin Preschool Choir (background vocals).
Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, California in Fall 1985.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
Dedicated to Ricky Nelson, A DATE WITH ELVIS (1986) is the third Cramps studio album, recorded five years after their last, 1981's PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE (in the interim, the band recorded a number of EPs and a pair of live albums, and extracted themselves from a legal dispute with their old record label). Playing as a three-piece, with the extremely talented Poison Ivy on guitar and bass (as well as singing on a couple of tracks!), the band turned their most solid studio record.
From the brilliant usage of a preschool choir singing the chorus of "People Ain't No Good" to a crunching cover of "Get Off the Road," the theme song of the 1968 biker exploitation flick, SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS, the record includes a bunch of oughta-be classics. Standouts include the faux-hippie duet of "Kizmiaz," one of the band's several peaks of hyperactive, juvenile sexual obsession; "Hot Pool of Womanneed," featuring lyrics like "As Jacob said to Isaiah / In them biblin' days of yore / Man that babe is the tomata / Oh my Lord I'm longin' for"; and Lux Interior's nearly perfect impression of the King on "It's Just That Song."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 05/27/2013
  • Genre: Rock